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Actual Portfolios

In 2006 we established a number of actual portfolios to help show the performance of our investment philosophy.  As financial advisors and portfolio managers part of our job is to deliver appropriate long term investment returns.  Setting up these portfolios - using real money - is part of our way of saying that we will stand by our record of delivering investment solutions that provide good long term investment returns.


We have set up three investment portfolios. These portfolios represent a reasonable portion of our personal wealth.  They show that we invest our money in the same way that we recommend to our clients.


The portfolios are as follows:


Two Passive Portfolios


These are 'passive' portfolios established in July 2006 using Dimensional and Vanguard funds.  They mirror the core investment portfolios that we use with clients.  These portfolios were established with $10,000.  One has a 75% growth asset allocation, the other a 50% growth asset allocation.


A Regular Investment Portfolio


A portfolio established in April 2006 to show the power of investing regularly over time.  The portfolio was started with $25,000 with contributions of $1,000 a month.  It has an asset allocation of 70% growth assets.


Comparing Our Portfolios


Q super is a large and well regarded superannuation manager in Queensland.  SuperRatings compile lists of the average performance of superannuation funds.  We have compared our core portfolio performance to that of the most similar Q Super and SuperRatings figures. 


ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) has set up strict guidelines for how past investment performance should be reported.  These guidelines include that a statement such as 'past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance' should be used when discussing past investment returns.  This is an important statement to emphasise.  The performance of the Australian sharemarket over the period of time that this portfolio has been invested has been well above average.  Therefore, it is unlikely that this level of performance can be repeated.  In fact, such a period of sharemarket out-performance may indicate a future period of underperformance, which would negatively impact future returns.  Furthermore there is overwhelming research to suggest that no claim of 'investment skill' can be made over such a short time frame. 


Fees are an important part of portfolio performance.  In these portfolios all fund manager fees have been paid before reporting performance results.


Taxes have not been taken into account.

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