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Eureka Report Archive 
Eureka Report Articles 2007 Archive

28/11/2007 - 'Dangerous Options' - They might sound attractive, but property options can burn homeowners and investors.


19/11/2007 - 'Planners you could trust' - A new designation of Professional Wealth Adviser, whose independence was verified by Government, could improve consumer confidence.


7/11/2007 - 'Taking stock of rates' - In a volatile equities environment, higher interest rates are making cash returns of 6% to 7% reasonably attractive.


5/11/2007 - 'Shot in the dark' - Stockbroker recommendations are proving to be a hard sell, with a high percentage of research failing to deliver the returns promised to investors.


15/10/2007 - 'Invest "with" the markets' Investing through index funds and ETFs, with a focus on growth areas, means working with the market, not against it.


03/10/2007 - 'The listed interest rate security option' This is an edited extract from High Income Investing - How to be Relaxed and Comfortable, by Scott Francis, the latest release in the Eureka Report Library series (Wilkinson Publishing).


28/09/2007 - 'Why L-I-Cs can be D-U-Ds' Buying a share of a listed investment company offers "instant diversification". That's where the advantage ends.


29/08/2007 - 'Big-name funds disappoint' Over one year, investors paid fund managers handsomely to underperform the index.


27/08/2007 - 'Deeming: don't be short changed' Pensioners would be better off having money in a cash account than in one of the banks' deeming accounts, which are geared to minimum levels.


15/08/2007 - 'Sub-prime: an idiot's guide' There seems little potential for sub-prime damage in Australia, except for those investors or funds with direct exposure to sub-prime mortgages or revalued debt.


10/08/2007 - 'Warning Bells Ring Louder for Hedge Funds' Funds that amplify returns on the market become particularly exciting for investors during volatile times.


20/07/2007 - 'Careful How You Hedge Your Bets' Balanced clearly means different things to different investment managers, and further information should be sought by the prudent investor.


07/07/2007 - 'Six ways to avoid another Bridgecorp' Several basic steps can help protect investors, starting with checking whether a proposed investment has attracted the regulator's scrutiny.


29/06/2007 - 'David Murray's Alpha Mail' Active investors, as a group, get the same market returns as index huggers; they just pay more fees, as the Future Fund boss points out.


30/05/2007 - 'Tide of Destruction' Unsecured investments in property construction are an extreme hazard that investors should avoid.


18/05/2007 - 'Funds' Careful Deception' When a fund boasts it has outperformed the index, investors should be asking: which index?


09/05/2007 - 'More Cash for More Investments' It is not a big sum, but an extra $750 from tax cuts can go towards creating further wealth or be frittered away.


30/04/2007 - 'The Joy of Franking' The tax advantages of holding stocks that pay fully franked dividends make them a must for investors.


18/04/2007 'Think Global, Invest Global' The buying power of a strong Australian dollar makes it a good time for investors to consider adding some "global diversification" to their portfolios.


04/04/2007 'High Yields: A Review of Companies in the Fincorp Space' Investors tempted by promises of high returns should remember they can be riddled with risk.


02/04/2007 'Sacrifice Your Way to Wealth' Paying pre-tax income directly into super offers tax advantages on contribution and withdrawal.


26/03/2007 'Fincorp a Painful Lesson on Risk' Despite warnings from regulators about the dangers of high returns, investors were lulled by Fincorp's promises of regular high returns.


7/03/2007 'Sacrificing Offers Big Gains' The temptation to sell investment property and slam the proceeds into super is certainly attractive. Here's a variation worth considering.


15/02/2007 'Funds' Disappearing Act' Fund managers tend to trail the index by about 2%. The picture would be worse but for their practice of closing down the poorest performers.


9/02/2007 'How the Buyback Will Work'  The buyback offer will be below the market rate, but franking credits worth more than that discount will make the offer attractive for many.


5/02/2007 'No the Market Isn't Overheating' Investors have no need to worry about market valuations, and should relax and ignore the market noise.


29/1/2007 'Private Equity Beckons' Now they are trading on the ASX, private equity funds are more accessible and don't lock your money up for a decade. But they should be considered long-term.


15/01/2007 'Transition to Retirement' If you are close to retirement and paying more than 15% tax you are doing something wrong.  Here's how to do it right.