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Eureka Report Archive 
 Eureka Report Articles 2009 Archive 

23/12/2009 - Something you must know about 2010 - As we head for a new year, investors should take a contrarian approach (and consider some international shares).

07/12/2009 - Value the sector not the stock - Companies undervalued by the market can reward investors, but they can also trap the unwary.

02/12/2009 - AMP + AXA = Bad for investors - The investment monster that would be created by merging AMP and AXA would mean bad news for investors.

18/11/2009 - Who's behind your financial adviser - Too often, consumers think they are getting ?independent' financial advice when in fact it is a brand belonging to the big six.

28/10/2009 - Buffett's three commandments - Heeding the Gospel according to Warren would have helped investors avoid crippling losses.

14/10/2009 -
Why executive pay doesn't matter (to shareholders) - Fat pay packets for chief executives have little effect on share prices or earnings.

28/09/2009 - Winning in the retirement risk zone - Minor changes to retirement plans can have a big impact on your situation.

14/09/2009 - What about me? I want my share - Rights issues that put retail investors on the same footing as institutions would be fairer and should be the template for capital raisings.

26/08/2009 - Active funds' dark secret -
Actively managed funds promise market-beating performances, but often have trouble just keeping pace.

14/08/2009 - Why MTAA's wheels fell off - The 25% fall by what had been a stellar performer fuels critics arguments against its 'alternative asset' model.

07/08/2009 -
Can small caps stay ahead? - Small caps deserve a place in portfolios, but investors should not judge them on this year's performance alone.

22/07/2009 -
Did ANZ short-change its loyal shareholders? - The discount was not deep on ANZ's capital raising, and shareholders were limited in the parcel they could take. The bank should have chosen a fairer system.

13/07/2009 -
Shares or cash? Look to the long term - Historically, the Australian share investments have had a premium of better than 6% over a simple investment in a cash account.

07/07/2009 - Recycle your debt - Balancing tax-deductible and non-deductible loans, or 'recycling debt', is an easier way to pay off a mortgage and build an investment portfolio.


01/07/2009 - Should you follow the index? - Setting up your portfolio to track the market index means you won't get ahead of the pack, but ensures you won't trail it, either.

01/07/2009 - A lotto winner's handbook - The first thing you should do when you receive a windfall is resolve not to make any hasty decisions.


24/06/2009 - Who can I complain to? - The last thing investors need in the current climate is bad advice. There are places to turn.

29/05/2009 - Dangers lurk in MIS badlands - Investors should tread warily on MIS schemes, characterised by a lack of information, data and success.


13/05/2009 - Time to look beyond super - New restrictions on super will prompt investors to pursue strategies outside superannuation.


06/05/2009 - Inflation-linked bonds need just one ingredient - Inflation-linked bonds, likely in the budget, might not be as exciting an opportunity as the concept suggests.


24/04/2009 - Timbercorp's fall reverberates - Timbercorp going into administration is a sobering reminder to investors of the relationship between risk and reward.

24/04/2009 - Quoted in Investors warm to index funds article - The cheaper fees charged by index funds mean they are still attractive in a falling market.

06/04/2009 - Benefits soften retirees' landing - A bright note for retirees watching assets and interest rates fall is that they may be eligible for a pension or benefits.

01/04/2009 - DIY funds get a little good news - A change in the way PAYG tax is calculated and levied offers some relief for DIY funds.

18/03/2009 - How franking has boosted your returns - Investors' returns have been lifted by an average 18% in 10 years by franking credits.

11/03/2009 - Franking credits in the firing line - A threatened cut to franking credits would affect the attractions of DIY super and Australians' retirement savings.

18/02/2009 - Reprieve on SMSF pensions - Halving the minimum pension requirement for SMSF pensions will help people avoid having to sell growth assets.


04/02/2009 - Review your strategy ... and portfolio - Investors might need to move quickly to make the most of this week's interest rate cut and the government's massive stimulus package.


15/01/2009 - Funds structure in big trouble - Invented by hedge funds and embraced in by wider investment circles, the fund of funds structure is now under fire.

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