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Eureka Report Archive 
 Eureka Report Articles - 2010 Archive 

23/12/2010 - Is a buy-write for you? - Can you really generate extra income and reduce volatility by selling call options over your portfolio?

17/12/2010 - Extreme investing - They offer a low-cost way to get diversified exposure, but leveraged ETFs could be a low-cost way of getting into trouble.

22/11/2010 - SMSFs: Now for the big stick - The government’s ‘Stronger Super’ response to the Cooper review includes seven points that will make SMSF trustees take notice.

22/11/2010 - Profit from volatility - Monitoring company fundamentals means investor can buy shares when they are below their real value, and sell when they overshoot.

12/11/2010 - Why invest in bonds? - They form an important part any portfolio, but how do they perform?


20/10/2010 - Dividends, oh dividends! - Dividends form an important part of any investor’s strategy, but there are traps for unwary players.

29/09/2010 - Woolies buyback windfall -
Even receiving a discounted price in the Woolworths’ buyback, DIY funds in pension mode can book a profit of up to 18%.

03/09/2010 - Portfolio Rebalancing: Is it worth it? -
Bringing asset quotas back to target allocations can reduce volatility and help you sleep a lot easier.

13/08/2010 - Would it kill you to own fewer shares? -
Cutting your exposure to the stockmarket would have little effect on overall returns, and might let you sleep easier.

30/06/2010 - 7 ways to hit the new year running -
Not all wealth creation strategies are created equally, as the following exercise shows.

23/06/2010 - Help your kids buy a house (faster) -
Contributing $1000 to a First Home Saver Account before June 30 will attract a government co-contribution and set your children on the path to home ownership.

09/06/2010 - 10 Costly tax mistakes -
The clock is ticking to the end of the financial year. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

02/06/2010 - Don't be starstruck -
The ‘star system’ used to rate managed funds is not necessarily the safest guide for investors.

24/05/2010 - Housing's fast track is getting faster -
Easing restrictions on the first-home saver’s account makes it a flexible wealth-creation strategy.

12/05/2010 - Time to tweak the portfolio -
Last night’s budget offered investors plenty of ways to fine-tune their strategies.

05/05/2010 - Reforms and your super -
Three key changes from the Henry tax review will influence investors’ strategies.

28/04/2010 - Reforms won't stop the shonks -
Proposed reforms on financial advice are a step in the right direction, but would still leave investors vulnerable to being caught up in another Storm Financial.

24/03/2010 - New paths to home ownership - As houses become harder to afford, buyers should consider new strategies to secure them.

24/02/2010 - Who'd want to be a millionaire? - Investment and pension income for retirees with smaller savings means they are only marginally worse off than those with seven-figure sums.

10/02/2010 - Australia's biggest losers - As investors paid active fund managers at Australia's biggest financial institutions to beat the market, they couldn't even keep up.

20/01/2010 - Peaking ahead - As the ASX 200 closes in on 5000 points, historical averages point to where it might go in 2010, and when it will reach new milestones.

18/01/2010 - The January effect - Investors who use returns in January to forecast yearly stock market movements should be extremely cautious

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