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Monday, April 29 2013
Paying more than the minimum on your mortgage from the first year saves interest for the life of the loan - much like nstarting a regular saving or investing program.

Scott Francis in his latest Eureka Report article - Advancing your home loan - takes you through 3 key benefits to be gained from paying more down on your home loan

  • You reduce the amount of your loan by the extra repayment.
  • Every future repayment becomes more effective.
  • You reduce the overall riskiness of your financial position by being ahead in your loan repayments.
Take a look at Scott's article for more details.  Well worth a read.

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Monday, April 29 2013

No matter what your opinion is on where investment markets will go next, one area of agreement is that markets have been volatile in recent years.   Nobel Prize Winner – William Sharpe – has recently provided his thoughts on investing in a turbulent market for the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he is a professor emeritus of finance - William Sharpe: How to Invest In a Turbulent Market

We think highly of Sharpe’s work and it forms a major part of the investment philosophy we use to develop investment portfolios for clients.

So has Sharpe’s views changed since the GFC started in late 2007?  
In a word, NO.

In the Stanford article Sharpe provides an overview of his four pillars of investing -
Diversify, economize, personalize, and contextualize.

In a nutshell these pillars are:

– invest in a broad range of shares and bonds – preferably all of them.

– keep costs low.

– make invest decisions that are most appropriate for your own situation.

– the price of an investment reflects the average opinion of investors about its future.  You may think your opinion is superior, but it pays to be humble, investing in the market rather than trying to beat it.

Sharpe provides some really important concepts that in our opinion should be the basis for developing a successful investment philosophy.


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