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Financial Happenings Blog
Sunday, June 15 2008

Over the weekend we have included two new features on our website.

The first provides users with the ability to send a link to family, friends or colleagues of a particular page on the website.  On the right hand margin of each page you can find a "Send page to a friend" link.  By clicking on this link and adding your email details and the details of the recipient you can send them a simple link to the relevant page.

The second feature allows users to provide feedback on the usefulness (or otherwise) of our website.  In the right hand corner of every page of our site there is a dark blue "feedback" button.  By clicking on this button, users have the ability of submitting an idea as to how our site can be improved, voting on ideas that other users have proposed or emailing a specific comment.

By submitting an idea, you enable other users to view your idea and add their vote if they think it is worthwhile.  By casting your vote you are telling us whether you think the ideas are worthy and which ideas should be implemented first.  Where possible, the ideas which receive the greatest amount of votes will be actioned first.

You will also be able to view the current top user suggestions towards the bottom of the left margin on each page of our website.  Click on the "Cast your votes" link to vote for the best alternatives.

Clicking on either option will take you to our User Voice website - - where all the details of the ideas can be found.

We are committed to building  the very best financial services website and we can only achieve that with your help so please take up the opportunity to provide us with your feedback!!

Many thanks,
Scott Keefer

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