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Monday, December 08 2008

A number of users of our website have requested that we post links to relevant financial media commentary.  In this endeavour we today post a link to a useful resource recently published by BT.

The questions in the blog title were discussed in a webcast by Stewart Brentnall, Head of Investment Solutions at BT Financial Group, and Crispin Murray, Head of Equity Strategies at BT Investment Management and posted on the BT website - Why Should I Keep Investing?

We do not subscribe to the BT approach to investing but we do think that the points discussed during the webcast are consistent with our thoughts on current markets and provide another useful perspective during what is a difficult time.

Any feedback you have on this webcast or on our website in general would be appreciated.  Please click on the following link to be taken to our feedback site - Feedback Forum.

Scott Keefer

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