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Monday, April 13 2009

The following data was contained in an online article written by Weston Wellington, Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors in the US.  I agree with his comments that we should not "bet" on this being the beginning of a recovery on share markets.   He is not in any way suggesting that this is the start of the next bull market rally but suggests it does provide another reminder of the risks involved with sitting out of the market.  His commentary:

"The sharp rally in stock prices over the last thirty days may or may not be the beginning of a new bull market. A number of analysts and market technicians have dismissed the surge in prices as too much too soon, and expect the downturn to resume in the near future.

They may well be right. On the other hand, even if this current rally ultimately fizzles out, it offers a preview of what the real thing might look like?a powerful upsurge against a backdrop of very discouraging news that leaves many analysts scratching their heads and market timers watching in frustration as they seek to identify the right time to go back in the water."

  March Low March Low ($) April 9 Close Change
Bank of America (BAC) 3/6/2009 3.00 9.55 218.33%
Citigroup (C) 3/5/2009 1.02 3.04 198.04%
Wells Fargo (WFC) 3/5/2009 8.12 19.61 141.50%
Harley-Davidson (HOG) 3/9/2009 8.20 18.02 119.76%
JP Morgan Chase (JPM) 3/9/2009 15.90 32.75 105.97%
KBW Bank Index 3/6/2009 17.73 33.81 90.69%
American Express (AXP) 3/6/2009 10.26 18.83 83.53%
JC Penney (JCP) 3/9/2009 14.18 25.42 79.27%
General Electric (GE) 3/5/2009 6.66 11.33 70.12%
Goldman Sachs (GS) 3/9/2009 73.95 124.33 68.13%
DFA US Small Cap Value Portfolio (DFSVX) 3/9/2009 9.61 13.93 44.95%
DFA US Micro Cap Portfolio (DFSCX) 3/9/2009 5.55 7.73 39.28%
DFA US Large Cap Value Portfolio (DFLVX) 3/9/2009 8.94 12.37 38.37%
Russell 2000 Index 3/9/2009 343.26 468.20 36.40%
DFA Emerging Markets Portfolio (DFEMX) 3/9/2009 13.38 17.85 33.41%
Nasdaq Composite Index 3/9/2009 1268.64 1652.54 30.26%
S&P 500 Index 3/9/2009 676.53 856.56 26.61%
DFA Large Cap Intl. Portfolio (DFALX) 3/9/2009 10.84 13.56 25.09%
Dow Jones Industrial Average 3/9/2009 6547.05 8083.38 23.47%


In US dollars. Source: Yahoo! Inc, Yahoo! Finance, in, accessed April 9, 2009. KBW data provided by Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Russell data copyright © Russell Investment Group 1995-2009, all rights reserved. The S&P and Nasdaq data are provided by Standard & Poor's Index Services Group. Dow Jones data provided by Dow Jones Indexes.

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