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Tuesday, October 20 2009

In a recent article published by Scott Francis in Alan Kohler's Eureka Report, Scott looks at the strategies that can be implemented by those close to retirement and suggests some relatively minor changes can lead to a significant improvement in outcomes achieved.

Scott identifies four factors that will reward those who stay or go back to work:

  • The chance to invest while investment markets are depressed.
  • The chance to put in place a (very) tax-effective transition to retirement income strategy.
  • The chance to deliberately use your superannuation contributions to position your retirement portfolio.
  • The fact that the longer you work, the shorter the period that you rely solely on your investment assets to fund your retirement, and the more likely they are to meet your needs

For those of you at that period of your life or who have family or friends who are, I encourage you to read the article - Winning in the retirement risk zone.

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