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Saturday, April 10 2010
It has been some time since I provided an update on one of my favourite US financial advice sites -

This website is published by Merriman, a financial advisory firm in the US.  In the past there has been two distinct aspects of their online education assault.  The first being their website - and the second their weekly audio segment - Sound Investing.

Recently the newsletters updating new additions to either component have been amalgamated into the one
concise email - SoundInvesting Newsletter

If you have not already it is well worth signing up to this newsletter - click here

In the latest update they have highlighted an article published
in March this year by the founder Paul Merriman.  The article reminds about the principles of buy & hold and challenges readers about whether they actually are buy & holders - Ten important thoughts about buy-and-hold investing

Point #1: Buying and holding is not dead

Point #2: Many people talk about buy-and-hold without knowing exactly what it is

Point #3: Long-term investing takes a very long time

Point #4: You can buy and hold and still manage your account prudently

Point #5: Many investors think of themselves as buyers and holders but don’t act like it

Point #6: The most common reason that investors abandon a buy-and-hold approach is that they have exposed themselves to too much risk

Point #7: Some investors shouldn’t hold onto investments as long as they do
Point #8: You’re not really a buyer-and-holder if you buy a fund with a heavily traded portfolio

Point #9: Buying and holding makes the effect of a front-end load worse, not better

Point #10: Being a buy-and-hold investor may be relatively simple, but it’s not necessarily easy

I really encourage you to read this article in more detail. 

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