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Sunday, August 15 2010
Over the past few months our financial education consultant, Scott Francis, has been busy contributing articles to Alan Kohler's Eureka Report.  Unfortunately our website administrator (yours truly) has not been so conscientious getting the articles uploaded on to our website.  This has now been rectified.  Scott's latest articles have included:

Would it kill you to own fewer shares - Scott looks at the impact of holding a smaller allocation of shares in your portfolio.

7 ways to hit the new year running - Scott looks at the following strategies:
  • Building up a cash reserve.
  • Investing into growth assets.
  • Putting savings towards reducing high-interest debt.
  • Making additional mortgage payments.
  • Salary sacrificing income into super.
  • Depositing into a first-home savers account.
  • Starting a transition to retirement income stream.
Help your kids buy a house (faster) - Scott looks at the pros and cons of opening a First Home Savers Account for your children.

10 costly tax mistakes - Scott discusses the following major mistakes:

1: Making tax considerations drive your investment strategy
2: Parking money in managed funds

3: Attempting a “wash sale”

4: Deductions that don’t match your personal situation

5: Putting too much in super

6: Putting too little in super

7: Squandering tax cuts

8: Failing to claim for charitable donations

9: Not claiming the $1000 tax exemption for employee share programs

10: Failing to get organised

Please click on the links to be taken to the full articles.

Scott Keefer

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