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Wednesday, October 31 2012
The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index has released data for the third quarter of 2012.   I read these numbers with interest as stronger consumer confidence is pretty important if we are to see a sustained and strong recovery.

The confidence of consumers across the globe edged up in the third quarter of 2012 to a level of 92.
  Unfortunately a score of 92 still sees the average consumer as pessimistic.  A score of 100 would see them as neutral.

Confidence is weakest in East & South Europe along with Japan.  Western Europe is also amongst the least confident areas of the world.

Confidence in the US is just below average at 90 with Australia at a higher than average 98.

It is the nations on South East Asia, notably Indonesia, India, Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia along with a sprinking of nations in the Middle East along with China and Switzerland where confidence is at its highest.

Let’s hope that the confidence of the consumers in these nations can lead to a stronger world economy in the years to come.


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