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Thursday, November 01 2012
Vanguard have recently released their Economic & Market Update for the 3rd quarter of 2012.  The introduction to the report read:

Economic growth slowed across most major global economies in the September quarter. The most concerning slowdown was observed in emerging markets, and in particular China, where lower domestic and foreign demand is depressing growth.

The announcement that China will be spending over USD 150 billion on infrastructure projects to stimulate economic growth was received positively by the markets. However, this has been greeted with some scepticism as some of these projects are already under way and the other projects, already in the pipeline, were being fast tracked.

The report provides some useful charts depicting the performance of asset classes over the quarter and year and breaking the Australian performance down into sectors. Charts also cover the level of safe haven bond yields along with a look at the Australian yiled curve.

Well worth a read.

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