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Tuesday, December 12 2006

It has been a bit of a lean time on the blog of late.  The nice thing about that is people actually mention that they have noticed there is not much happening: which means there are some actual readers out there.

I have been slowly updating my website with the Eureka Report articles, and then I wanted to master audio files.  I think I have, with an audio introduction now located on the websites.

I use tailored consulting, a gold coast based internet consulting business to help with my website.  (They have not done a huge amount at this stage - so don't blame them!).  However I notice that the Executive Director, Brendon Sinclair, is now talking about the importance of having video on your website - which is a another things to be mastered.  I think that I might accept that I have a good head for audio, and stick with that for a while!

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