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Thursday, January 18 2007

Scott Keefer, my business parter at A Clear Direction Financial Planning, pointed out an interesting article from The Economist magazine. 

It showed a comparison of iPod prices in different countries in the world.  iPods are all manufactured in China by Apple. 

Comparing the cost of the same product in different countries is a way of comparing the purchasing power of different economies, and therefore future currency movements.  At the moment iPod prices in different parts of the world include:

  • Brazil - US$328
  • India - US $222
  • UK - $US195
  • Germany - $US192
  • China - US$180 (which is where they are manufactured)
  • Australia - US$172
  • US - US$149
  • Canada - US$144

CommSec, who are involved in putting out the index, are using it to suggest a 15% drop in the Australian dollar against the greenback. 


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