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Sunday, January 21 2007

The start of a new year brings will it all sorts of resolutions and forward planning, and nothing more exciting to an MBA graduate like myself that the opportunity for a little bit of 'corporate rebranding' (there you go - two weazel words in the one phrase - my MBA teachers would be so proud!).

So the decision was made by Scott Keefer (business partner) and myself to get a logo for the business.

And here is where it gets interesting.  The website sitepoint is a graphic design service that offers the chance for people to put forward a 'contest', with a prize, for the best design.  We duly submitted the description of what we wanted, details of the prize (US$125), and waited to see what we got.

We ended up with in excess of 60 designs, all interesting and some very good.  We were able to choose the best design to use in the business.

The advantage of this process is that we had a great diversity of designs, we got to provide feedback on designs during the process and we were able to select the one that best suited us.

A very interesting internet experience!  The winning design will be part of our website soon!




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