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Sunday, May 20 2007

It's a small world.  I rang an organisation called ?Young Care' last week and was answered by Jo.  As the discussion developed we realised that our parents were well acquainted to each other.  I was born and raised in Emerald and her family had a property just out of town.  Our families went to the same church and I actually spent a month working on their property during the Christmas holidays while at high school.


The reason for phoning was that we have recently established a client referral program, Friendly Directions', whereby we will donate $50 to a charity for any client who has been referred to us from another client.  We recognise the importance of ?word of mouth' referrals of our services to other interested investors and wish to acknowledge these referrals because they are a key part of our business. We value the fact that clients and friends of the business take the time to speak positively about our service to others.


We are passionate about the independence of our business, and have chosen not to pay money for referrals, as some firms do.


We have chosen ?Young Care' as the initial recipient of these donations.  Young Care's mission is to ?provide a dignified and relevant lifestyle for young people requiring nursing care'.  If you would like more information about this nationally registered, non-profit organisation please have a look at their website:


In this quarter just gone, we have made a $150 donation to Young Care to represent three new clients coming to our service from referrals.


I encourage you to take the time to have a look at the great work that Young Care are doing.



Scott Keefer

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