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Monday, May 21 2007

The Financial Planning Association of Australia ( yesterday released results of a study finding that over 70% of Australians have experienced financial difficulty at some point in their lives.  The most common problems were:

  • Not understanding superannuation (39%)
  • Being able to afford the home they want (35%)
  • Meeting major unexpected expenses (30%)
  • Regular expenses and the cost of living (24%)
  • Meeting the cost of education (22%)
  • Credit card debt (17%)
  • Paying large bills (11%)

The study also found that 90% of people who have had a financial planner have benefited from the experience.


How can we help?


At A Clear Direction Financial Planning we are keen to work with all people no matter where they are on the financial continuum.  We have structured our fees to make sure that we are affordable at all levels as we want to continue a relationship with clients from the initial stages of wealth accumulation right through to planning for, and living in retirement.


If you want to reduce the chance or amount of financial pain you have to experience please give us a call.



Scott Keefer

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