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Friday, November 09 2007

An article in today's Australian Financial Review informs that ALDI will be the first out of the major supermarket players to introduce unit pricing in their supermarkets.  This means they will display the price of all products in a price per unit measure - either 100 grams, one kilogram or 1 litre units in conjunction with the retail or checkout price.


Won't it be great not having to calculate whether the cost for a 400g tin is the same as a 325g tin of the same product.  I'm sure many of us have been there doing the calculations standing in the middle of the aisle.  (Maybe I am just stingy!!!)  This should make comparisons of products a whole lot easier for consumers.


It would also be nice if the financial services industry could simplify the presentation of fees to investors rather than the mix of alternatives at present

-        entry fees or not

-        asset based fees or flat fees

-        performance based fees or not

-        trailing commissions or not


This is not to mention the inconsistencies in the reporting of asset classes within managed style investments and superannuation funds.  For example are investments in hedge fund related activities reported as an investment in defensive or growth assets?


Then there are the inconsistencies in reporting performance.  Is the data reported as before or after fees, before or after tax.


A level playing field would make it a whole lot easier for investors to choose the type and style of investment that best meets their needs.


Have a great weekend,


Scott Keefer

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