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Monday, February 25 2008

The Australian Financial Review is the bastion of an active approach towards investing.  They fill their newspapers, magazines and online content with information attempting to predict the mood and future movement of the market.  Those of you who are aware of our philosophy to investing will know that we are streets apart from this approach.


This being said, I was very please to read Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon's editorial comments for the latest edition of the Financial Review's Smart Investor magazine.  In her comments she has included a very succinct approach to investing:


  • Don't try timing the market
    • Nicole points out the Morningstar research showing that if an investor had missed the 10 best trading days since 1983 by getting in and out, their returns would be 36% lower compared to simply being invested the whole time.
  • Stick to your strategy
  • Have a diversified holding


I believe Nicole's comments are right on the money, especially at a time when there could be a lot of pressure to be trying to "time" the market.



Scott Keefer

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