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Monday's Money Minute Podcasts
Every Monday we will be publishing a 2 to 4 minute audio podcast about current financial issues.  Click on the link for the relevant podcast to listen to the commentary.
Monday, March 31 2008

In today's podcast, Scott Francis looks at the collapse of the Opes Prime stockbroking service.  He refelects that given that news plus some difficult news coming out of the USA today, it has been a good day on the ASX with the index slightly up for the day.  Maybe a sign of growing optimism?

In the podcast Scott looks at the aggressive nature of Opes' strategy and the end result for their clients.  The key message is the added risk involved with margin lending.  In strong bull markets, returns are increased but in falling markets, the falls are greater especially so if markets fall sharply and you are forced to sell assets in a down market.  Please click the following link to be taken to this podcast - Lessons from the Opes Prime Collapse.

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